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Working Capital

Find the capital you need for your general business operations

Refinance Debt

Restructure existing debt to maintain healthy cash flow

Marketing Spend

Spend on marketing or advertising activities

Finance Payroll

Spread short term cash obligations for staff to keep your business running smoothly

Buy Equipment

Get financing to cover the purchase cost of new or used equipment

Purchase Inventory

Get ahead of lead times while spreading out your product costs

Purchase a Business

Find acquisition capital to purchase other assets

and more...

Whatever your capital needs, Boundless works with you to find new or existing solutions

How It Works

Boundless is an agnostic funding platform that helps businesses connect to the right capital partners at the right time.

Build complete lending profiles for all your capital applications

Save your business details, documentation and most requested information to a secure business profile.

Apply for various capital products now and in the future

Submit applications to multiple lenders, or for different products at the click of a button.

Automatically request capital from your approved lenders

Push invoices and funding requests directly from FirstOfficer to the lender of your choosing.

"Over the years Boundless has helped us consider and contrast our debt options in the most efficient way we've experienced. The platform cut our time spent researching and applying down to a fifth of what we're used to!
Amanda Ngyuen
Founder @ Boardball

amanda ngyuen