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eMPower Data Logistics

eMPower is the culmination of 30 years of operational experience and the development of a single platform to bridge the islands of technology that exist in today's supply chain market. Traditionally, operations have made management decisions that affect their flow of goods by piecing together information from multiple sources to gain information that is essentially outdated by the time they require it. Now, they don't have to.

Lee Rector
President, eMPower Data Logistics

Founded in
Committed to servicing over
Freight loads in 2022

"We process over 300 transactions through our platform every day. Integrating Boundless made it easier to connect our customers with funding solutions, which led to increased engagement on our platform. We were able to build an additional revenue stream through the integration, which was an added bonus."

Tom Brouillette
VP Client Services, eMPower Data Logistics