Buy Now, Pay Later

Mark Jorgenson
April 10th, 2023
2 min read

During the pandemic, Buy Now, Pay Later services (BNPL) experienced a significant surge in popularity, as consumers increasingly sought out more flexible payment options.  These services allow consumers to purchase items and pay for them in instalments over a designated period, ranging from several weeks to months. 

Buy Now Pay Later: How It Works & Is It a Good Idea

A 2021 study by Credit Karma found that 44% of respondents had used BNPL in the last year to purchase goods. However, it was also noted that 34% of BNPL users fell behind on one or more payments, which can negatively impact the consumer’s credit score. As a powerful financial tool with both advantages and drawbacks, it is imperative for individuals and businesses to adequately assess whether this tool is the best option for their needs.

BNPL Overview and Function

BNPL services are financial products that have gained popularity in recent years, particularly among the younger generation, who are seeking greater payment flexibility and increased accessibility of goods.

BNPL services operate by collaborating with retailers or e-commerce platforms to make their services available at the point of purchase. Instead of paying for the item upfront, consumers may opt to utilize the BNPL service, which covers the cost of the purchase on their behalf. The consumer then pays back the cost of the purchase over an agreed-upon timeframe, which may include added fees or interest charges.

Benefits of BNPL 

  • Large Purchases: BNPL can be helpful when making large purchases, such as furniture or electronics, that may be difficult to pay for upfront.
  • Financial Flexibility: BNPL facilitates heightened financial flexibility by allowing the consumer to pay for purchases over time, rather than all at once. 
  • No Interest or Fees: Some BNPL services offer zero-interest and no-fee options, which can save you money as compared to using credit cards or other forms of financing.

Drawbacks of BNPL

  • Late Payment Fees: BNPL services often charge late payment fees if you miss a payment, which can add up over time and increase your overall cost. 
  • Credit Score Impact: Late payments or defaulting on a BNPL agreement can negatively impact your credit score. 
  • Impulsive Spending: BNPL services can make it easier to overspend or make impulsive purchases, which can lead to financial stress down the line.
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